How Long Do Goodyear Tires last?


Are you wondering when do you need to replace your car tires? Everyone expects their car tires to lasts at least 50,000 miles, but the life of your tires depends on several factors. Even driving under normal conditions will cause your tires to tear and wear.

Keep in mind that your tires are the only thing on your vehicle that touches the ground, therefore making sure that they are up to the task is crucial. You can opt to consider the tires that are currently in your vehicle. How worn are they? How old are they? As significant as the tires seem to be, it helps to know much about them.

Factors that affect the life of your car tires.


Goodyear tires naturally wear when driven, and worn out tires offer reduced traction compared to tires with adequate tread. Most people understand that worn-out tires have to be removed.

Most drivers don’t understand that the minimally used tires like those in storage experience aging instead of wearing out, most probably due to lack of driving. The old tires have a significant amount of tread; however, their structural integrity is weak because tires need to be driven for the chemicals in the rubber to remain effective.

Bad weather

Tires can wear quicker in bad weather such as frost, snow, and rain as they have to work harder on maintaining traction. Purchasing tires designed to provide good treadwear may provide drivers with extra traction and control measurements.

Unhealthy driving habits

Unhealthy driving habits such as quick acceleration, hard cornering, or sudden braking can tremendously increase stress on your tires, making them wear rapidly. You can increase the life of your car tires by avoiding aggressive driving.


Tires must be round, and the combination of tire and rim must be balanced. The mechanics and tire shops will use a balance machine to turn the wheel and see where the high and low spots are. The tire shop adds to the wheel weights to balance them. These shops will also ensure that your wheels keep track of the car straight, reducing the wear of your tires.

When to replace your tires


A tire is considered unprotected by the national highway safety administration and should be modified when its rubber has been worn down to 2/32 of an inch. Most tires have wearing indicators that display small bars in the tread when they are worn down to replacement level. It will begin making noise to warn the driver of the need for attention.

You may use a penny as well: NHTSA suggests putting the penny upside-down and facing Abraham Lincoln. It’s time for fresh tires if you can see the top of the head of Abe.

DOT number

Another way to keep track of when they must be replaced is to check the U.S. Department of Transport (DOT) number on the tire sidewall. The letters “DOT” and 11-12 numbers should be easy to recognize. The final four digits of the tires produced after the year 2000 are the weeks and year of production.

Rough Drive

It may be an alarming sign that your tires are out of place, not adequately worn, or have a structural problem if you feel a vibration (particularly if it just began) or higher (and increasing) noise levels. In some cases, this could affect safety, so get a skilled professional asap to monitor your tires.


Knowing how long your tires can last depends on various factors. Mileage is one of the significant factors that determine how long your tire can last. How the tires are maintained well, and users can determine how often you can change your tires. Keep in mind that tires are the only thing that comes into contact with the ground. It pays to keep them in good condition.

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